Empowering people on their path of

Victimhood to Victoryhood

My mission

Discover my mission to empower individuals mentally and spiritually, providing them with essential tools for resilience. I am dedicated to equipping people from all walks of life, helping them reclaim their inner strength, embrace their unique journeys, and overcome challenges, taking full responsibility for their lives.

Annkeita in a nutshell

Discover Annkeita, a remarkable woman driven by a passion for exploration and adventure. Her journey began with a love for mountains and evolved through a career in interior and jewelry design, reflecting her profound connection to nature. However, life's unexpected twists led her to become a life coach and healer, combining her natural empathy with personal growth. Annkeita's mission is to empower others to unlock their true potential, guiding them through challenges, finding purpose, and embracing self-love.

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Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Each stumble is a valuable lesson that propels you forward on your journey.

Ready to Conquer?

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Life Coaching

Coaches help individuals achieve personal and professional goals through guidance, motivation, and accountability in a forward-focused process.

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Healing through Lama Fera and other techniques involves energy work, channeled rituals, and spiritual practices to promote physical and emotional well-being.

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Spiritual products

Spiritual products, like crystals and meditation tools, support well-being through metaphysical properties, enhancing diverse spiritual practices.

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Why Annkeita?

Annkeita offers a gentle and compassionate approach to spiritual guidance, empowering clients to make informed decisions and navigate life's challenges confidently. Her holistic approach covers mind, body, and spirit, unlocking profound transformation potential. Whether you seek advice on love, career, spirituality, or personal development, Annkeita's intuitive expertise provides clarity and empowerment for your journey.

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Compassionate Guidance

Annkeita's approach ensures clients feel seen, heard, and supported on their spiritual journey.

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Profound Guidance

Clients consistently praise her ability to provide profound guidance for navigating life's challenges.

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Holistic Healing

Annkeita's holistic approach covers mind, body, and spirit, enabling profound transformation.

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Versatile Expertise

Whether it's matters of love, career, spirituality, or personal development, Annkeita combines tarot expertise with intuitive downloads.

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Illuminating Your Path

If you're ready for a journey of healing and spiritual growth, Annkeita's insightful guidance and intuitive abilities will bring clarity and empowerment to your life's journey.

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Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Each stumble is a valuable lesson that propels you forward on your journey.

Personalized Coaching

Discover the power of one-on-one coaching, where I use targeted questions to identify your challenges, providing a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss your problems and goals. Together, we'll create actionable tools and a clear plan to guide you towards your desired life goals

Unlocking the Benefits of

One-on-One Coaching

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Clarity on Life's Purpose

One-on-one coaching helps you gain a clear understanding of your life's true purpose.

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Goal-Oriented Approach

We delve into your goals, crafting a step-by-step plan for you to follow, while ensuring you

stay accountable.

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Courage and Consistency

You'll build the courage to pursue your purpose and develop the consistency needed to achieve it.

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Continuous Improvement

Self-Improvement Tools

You'll receive valuable self-improvement tools that enhance personal relationships, fostering peace and love.

What you get

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Weekly 60-Minute Sessions


10 Total


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2 Months

of Guidance

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Valuable Energy

and Expertise

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Dream big, set goals, and take action. Turn your dreams into reality through your

determination and efforts.

Shifting from shame to Self love

Meet Annkeita, your transformation and mindset coach, known for her compassionate and childlike energy. She empowers clients to unlock their full potential by challenging limiting beliefs, gaining clarity, setting meaningful goals, and embracing self-love. Annkeita's unique approach combines well-versed coaching techniques with creativity and a

non-judgmental attitude, making her feel like a supportive friend on your journey to personal growth and fulfillment.